A group of costumed fighters called The Watchmen, aid the government in stopping crime include Doctor Manhattan, an all-powerful creature that can see the future. An energy crisis is on the verge of destroying Earth and Doctor Manhattan must find a way to solve the problem to save the world from war. Blocked by tachyon particles that have traveled back in time, Doctor Manhattan is unable to see the future and his work is impeded by his inability to find the cure on his own. His cohorts implore him to do whatever is necessary to stop the current murders of the other members of the Watchmen, but Doctor Manhattan refuses and attempts to find a way to protect the planet for the greater good.

Doctor Manhattan has the power to see into the future--- haven’t we all wished for that at one point or another? If you could exploit energy to see into the future, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, what Doctor Manhattan sees in his future is nuclear holocaust. Because he has already seen the inevitable war scenario, the effects from multiple nuclear blasts have released tachyon particles that traveled from the future, backwards to his present time. These particles release powerful energies that manipulate time as well as his ability to visualize an answer to the future problem.

Energy found within 1E’s Tachyon are powerful and fierce, yet secure and stable. While Tachyon doesn’t give you the energy to see into the future, it does provide you with insight to predict your IT future. Isn’t that just as impressive?

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