Land of the Lost


A space-time vortex sucks a scientist and his motley crew into a land filled with creatures they’ve only seen in their dreams. But they’re not dreaming. How did they get here?

Time Travel. Something we’ve only fantasized about. When we consider the possibility, we most likely imagine going forward or backward in time. But what if we could move sideways in time, to another dimension where time is a collective of past, present, and future? In this clip, scientist Rick Marshall’s (Will Farrell) discusses his theories revolving around the use of tachyons to travel through time. Just as he’s about to give up, his concepts are proven to be accurate when he comes face to face with a fossil that’s over 265 million years old which has an imprint of his modern day lighter.

Tachyons are what make this adventure possible. What are tachyons? They are subatomic particles (teeny, tiny particles which are smaller than an atom) that are so powerful, they can move incredibly fast. By harnessing these particles, Marshall opens warps in space, then, travels beyond to foreign points in time.

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