Star Trek


Tachyons have a varied use in space. As a high energy tachyon pulse, powerful force field, as a way to detect hidden ships, or as a source of power to disrupt enemy technologies, the tachyon particles are utilized by Star Fleet in a number of ways.

A tachyon detection grid is constructed and used as a blockade to stop concealed enemies from crossing into protected borders. This grid can also extend to other allied starships making it nearly impossible to breach. The grid lights up rival ships like holiday lights. Tachyon harmonics deliver attacks that severely damage enemy force fields and take in energy to supply allied force fields.

These tachyon particles are forces to be reckoned with. Because of their intensity, they are extremely difficult and complicated to handle. When Starfleet’s tachyon pulses merge with 3 other pulses in different dimensions at one point in space, the convergence of the pulses creates an “anti-time reaction” which creates an anomaly in energy that blocks the ship from moving beyond it. When they realize what they must do, each crew in each timeline must enter the anomaly to join time with anti-time. The power is so concentrated that is breaks apart the anomaly to bring Starfleet back to their original point in time.

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