The Flash


When a vicious thunder storm erupts over a city during a special unveiling of a scientific discovery, a man, Barry Allen, is struck by lightning and doused with chemicals in his laboratory. Allen suffers a coma and when he awakes, he discovers that he has transformed into a “meta-human” with the powers of advanced speed. Challenged by outsiders about his theories revolving the paranormal and cutting-edge scientific advancements, Allen must overcome skeptics to vindicate himself and find out who murdered his parents.

While Allen already has the abilities of super speed, when a “tachyon enhancer” gets attached to his body, he becomes even faster than he was before. The tachyon enhancer acts like a quick-charge battery enabling him to move at breathtaking speeds. There’s absolutely no wait time to go from nothing to turbo.

We’ve all suffered the loss of battery power. From our various devices to our cars, we have at least one story where we were hindered by the speed of charge. What if speed was no longer an issue?

With Tachyon, 1E connects speed and power to literally run across entire systems in a flash. It’s common to enable one aspect of a problem and then other areas begin to suffer. You not only get the promise of incredible speed, but you’re given precision as well as control.

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